What's the Point?

Do I want to wear cute clothes?


Do I want to not hate being in photos?


Do I want to buy a house?


But most of, I want to feel like I've accomplished something. I've wasted so many years, wishing and hoping and waiting that I felt better, looked better, had something to show for working so hard and worrying so much.

I've set those goals before but let them slip away too quickly. I've finally realized that this isn't going to happen by setting short term goals or New Years Resolutions. I have to dedicate the rest of my life to what will make me feel happy. Buying a house will be great, but it's not going to be without it's own issues. Feeling cute in my clothes will be awesome, but it's not going to magically turn me into a happy person with no other worries. Accomplishing these goals will make me a more complete person in non-material, non-cosmetic ways. It's the way I've always wanted to live but have never made it a priority.


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