2013 is the Year I Make This All Happen

Thing to fix #1: My mind.

Too busy, scattered, uncentered
Plan of attack: Find 15 minutes each morning to sit quietly. No gadgets, no incoming info
Expected outcome: More calm

Thing to fix #2: My body.

Issue: No energy, no confidence
Plan of attack: Exercise 30+ minutes, 5 days/week
Expected outcome: Lose 60 pounds, have more energy, feel more confident

Thing to fix #2: My pocketbook.
Issue: Too much wasted money, not enough savings
Plan of attack: Track expenses, make a budget, stay on top of it
Expected outcome: Peace of mind, peace in my marriage, pay of all cc debt by end of the year, be set to buy a house in 2014

This is the year. I'm in control. I can do this.


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